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Author: coach D   (
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In Reply To: RE: Brionna Barnett (posted by Tickle The Twine)
Subject: RE: Brionna Barnett

Just curious as to why you would come on a message board and call someone out by name? Seems to me, judging by your poor spelling and incorrect grammar, you must be a child( perhaps a teammate from a summer team maybe). Elkhart can't help their schedule, but didn't they beat a ranked F.W. Snider team on the road, a ranked Merrillville and lost by two to state runner-up Penn in the regionals? I saw her play against the senior all-stars in Kokomo and she led her team in assists and points! Also, didn't she accept an offer from a top ten D-1 program? I think that they are a pretty good judge of talent, don't you?

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