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Evansville Basketball Club 2014 Highlights

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Author: parker   (
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In Reply To: RE: Brionna Barnett (posted by Curious)
Subject: RE: Brionna Barnett

there are a lot of seniors this year...i admitt to not having seen this particular young lady play yet..but based on what im reading here about her accomplishments and her teams i have to believe that she is amoung the top seniors in the state top fifty that is which by the way says a whole lot considering the number of really good girls we have. i am from fort wayne, my daughter plays varsity bb both her ninth and tenth grade years i thought she was in the top ten players in our city last year. we also have akila sims,b.young,mircle woods, as seniors who are on the stage of being in the best class.. i also have reason to believe that the class of 2014 (fort wayne gbb)will produce some of the best D1 prospects more than any city in indiana.

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