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Author: parker   (
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In Reply To: RE: SAC and Northeastern Girls\\\' Basketball (posted by Brian Moore)
Subject: RE: SAC and Northeastern Girls\' Basketball

i've seen Moore play on serveral ocassions, and i agree that she is "a" tough player taking into consideration that wayne h.s happens to be in the 3rd toughest conferance in the whole state...which by the time the regionals start we s/b the top conferance. however looking at the other girl players i won't single her out because there are so many tough girls in the city. Fincher (canterbury) simmons (southside) clopton (southside) both ridelys at luers, smith (concordia) swary (northrop) sims (snider) snider even has a freshman thats tough. "matching up" may not be well enough to elevate our girls to D1 level. looking at what southside has done this season is what all of our girls s/b doing and or taught. i give many props to their program because thats how you get D1 schools to look at or pay attention to indivual players. i still see what you're saying and i believe that as long as Moore continues to improve her game that she will land in a D1 program and make some headlines. i hope that my girl achieve her personal goals with basketball,i hope the same for Moore and all of the girls playing in the city. one of the big differances in girl players is that they have a male influence about their games....see you on the sidelines, keep up the good work...if any one else reads this and was not mentioned i apoligize D.Johnson southside) there are just so many tough players in fort wayne.

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