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Author: parker   (
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In Reply To: RE: FW Canterbury Freshman Darby Maggard (posted by official)
Subject: RE: FW Canterbury Freshman Darby Maggard

this young lady is better than most realize yet...i saw her play and listened to her play on a audio broadcast. canterbury has the best 1A school in the state and they have girls that would not have a problem playing on any of the 2 3 4A schools. Kreiger is a good coach, being the top coach in the state i'm not sure either way about that. i listened to him call the sac tournament and was impressed and he turned around to beat one of the sac teams by using what he learned from that experience. i also see how he is able to max use out of his thin team and win big games...if he would have found a way to beat southside and or snider i would say that he's in the running for what you think of him. i'd like to see them do more with finchers' game she came to canterbury as the top freshman in our city...a city with the best freshman class in the state (i believe)

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