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Author: parker   (
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In Reply To: RE: 1A Sectional FW Canterbury 101, Elkhart Christian 19 (posted by Area BB Observer)
Subject: RE: 1A Sectional FW Canterbury 101, Elkhart Christian 19

well here we go again with this stuff.... actually none of the girls playing high school basketball in fort wayne are "recruited" i know first hand because my own daughter visited about every school in fort wayne including canterbury before she decided on where she's at.....incidentely the first thing i heard from one of the fans during the first game her team played (in her first year) was the same thing that is being said's just simply not true just because there are different looking players and otherwise a collection of good players on any particular team anywhere does not indicate that that team is recruiting players.....i know most of the girls that play bb in our city because i'v followed my own daughter for the last 13-14 years....these girls grow up and want to play for the best team possible and they love to compete against one another...schools nor coaches actively recruit players in fort please stop hating us for the caliber of girls atheletes we produce here.....

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