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Author: ufo3   (
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In Reply To: RE: 1A Sectional FW Canterbury 101, Elkhart Christian 19 (posted by parker)
Subject: RE: 1A Sectional FW Canterbury 101, Elkhart Christian 19

FW Canterbury is a private school that can draw in talent from the area not just Fort Wayne. Most 1A small town teams do not draw from anywhere other than their school boundary lines. Private schools are not an apples to apples comparison to public schools, and yes I know for a fact that private schools do "attract talent" from driving distance in their area. You just do not get this with other 1A rural small town schools. FW Canterbury will likely win 1A Girls State, again. Freshman Darby Maggard from west of Columbia City (not Fort Wayne), and Sophomore Kindell Fincher are terrific talents and future Indiana HS girls All-Star candidates. Fun team to watch, just almost unfair against most other 1A schools. Class basketball has made the private schools better, because now there is a definite benefit to play there.

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